Happy Christmas!


Happy Second Day of Christmastide! Happy St. Stephen’s Day!
Something this big deserves more than one day of celebration. Something as wonderful as the Word become flesh deserves a solid twelve days, at least. Something as grandand mysterious as God taking up our human life deserves reflection and rejoicing beyond the 25th.
One of the joys of following the church calendar is it allows us this time and space. For a full twelve days, up until January 6th, we will mark and celebrate Christ’s coming as a child.  I’ve been praying that this season would be filled with fresh joy and wonder at Christ’s coming for us all.  If you’re looking for help in reflecting on the significance of the Incarnation, check out this piece from The New York Times.
Tomorrow, we’ll be celebrating with Christ Church at 112 Medina at 10am, with a service of Lessons and Carols. This service has its roots in 19th century England and involves a retelling of the Christmas story in the context of the whole narrative of Scripture, highlighting the promises of God and his faithfulness to his people. I hope you can enjoy us, bring a finger food to share!
On January 3rd, we will gather again at the PEC at 10 am, still celebrating Christmas! The readings and prayers will direct our attention to Jesus’ incarnation specifically, before our transition to the season of Epiphany. Let’s celebrate Emmanuel together!
Grace and peace,
Ps. Boxing Day is also celebrated throughout the Commonwealth so, from this Canadian, Happy Boxing Day! 

Peter Coelho