King Jesus

This Sunday is the culmination of the story we have been living into this past year since Advent. As the last Sunday of the calendar, it is the Feast of Christ the King. On Sunday, we will celebrate that above every other power stands Jesus. Jesus is Lord. The risen Jesus, the baby born in a manger, the wandering teacher from Nazareth, a human being, is king, and that makes all the difference.

As we celebrate Jesus as king, we will also talk about our participation in His reign. By God’s grace we have a role in actively embodying the reality of God’s renewal, of his reign of justice, peace, and righteousness. Following Jesus together, in the power of His Holy Spirit, we are agents of blessing and renewal, pointing to God, His reign, and His true king, Jesus.

As a young church plant, we are currently exploring ways that we can participate with God’s renewal and reign. Many of you are already engaged in this work, serving your neighbors and the city, or have a heart for specific arenas of service and mission. With that in mind, would you please take a few minutes to complete this survey regarding your areas of service or desired engagement? God is working in and throughout our midst, and we want to be aware of the work He’s already doing among us. There is a team of COTC members who have been meeting to talk and pray about how we might grow in participation in this area, and your answers will be a blessing to them in this work. Thank you in advance, and please pray with us that COTC would be blessing in the name of King Jesus.

Grace and peace,

Peter Coelho