Making Room

This summer at COTC we will focus on the practice of hospitality. Hospitality has a rich and important place in the history of the church and is at the very core of the Gospel. Last Sunday was Trinity Sunday, which emphasized the Gospel that we have been welcomed into the life that God shares. Through Christ, all can know the welcoming embrace of the Triune God. God is hospitable and, as His people, we want to be hospitable too. 

We announced last week that those at COTC will be reading Christine Pohl's book Making Room. This book helpfully articulates the important role of hospitality in Christianity, challenges readers with a deeper vision of what hospitality actual is, and provides great material for reflecting on what hospitality might look like in our lives. I hope you enjoy it! In addition to reading the book, there will be opportunities for discussion around the material. I'm excited to dig into this together!
In the coming weeks, we will have the opportunity to practice hospitality as well. On June 17, we will host a night called "Share Your Table." The premise is simple: we will gather for a meal in homes around the city. You can sign up to host a meal or to be a guest; everyone will contribute by bringing something for the meal. This is way for us to practice hospitality "in house," deepen our own bonds and simply have fun together! 
Finally, this Sunday we have the joy of celebrating new life in Christ through the sacrament of baptism. Together, we will celebrate new life for these eight and welcome them into the church, just as God Himself has "made room" through the cross of Jesus Christ. I hope you can be there. 

In Christ,

Peter Coelho