Happy Cinco de Mayo! If you’re celebrating today I hope you enjoy it!
Today is also Ascension Day. It’s not a very well-known day, but on this day the church around the world marks with joy that Jesus in his resurrected body has ascended to heaven. Today, the church celebrates that at the center of all things is Jesus, fully human, vindicated as God and interceding for us. In heaven, at the throne, Jesus still has our back. It’s a day worth celebrating!
This Sunday, we will conclude our Eastertide sermon series in Revelation. Over the past seven Sundays we touched down on some of the highlights in John’s Apocalypse, looking at the hoped-for end to the Christian story. A few of you have asked about resources that were helpful to me in understanding this challenging letter. There is so much written that has been helpful, but here are two books that I have found particularly insightful and accessible:

  • Reversed Thunder by Eugene Peterson – By the writer of The Message, this is a series of poetic reflections on the book, drawing on a wide array of fiction and theological writing it is a real delight.
  • Discipleship on the Edge by Darrell Johnson – Part sermon collection and part commentary, this is probably my favorite book on Revelation, full of insight into how the book relates to following Jesus today.

Both these books are written with imagination and attentiveness to the words of Scripture. I commend them to you.  I’m looking forward to concluding this series with you on Sunday!
Grace and Peace,

Peter Coelho