Around The Table

A week ago, many of us at COTC participated in “Share Your Table,” an opportunity to share a meal with people that we might not know very well or even feel like we have much in common with. While that was a unique experience, we do something very similar weekly when we gather for communion, sharing a meal of wine and bread. Week in and week out, we share the Lord’s Table, with Christ as the host and the one thing that unites us all. Jesus—the one who we follow and who unites us—share his table with us, just as he shared his table with sinners during his earthly ministry.
As we continue to focus on hospitality this summer, I hope that we’ll grow in following Jesus’ example and continue to enjoy his hospitality together in communion and gather around various tables with others. There are plenty of opportunities: invite someone out for lunch on a Sunday, have someone over for dinner, or invite yourself over for dinner (and bring the food!). I also wanted to highlight that this Sunday at 9 a.m., before worship, there will be an opportunity to discuss the book Making Room. See below for more details; I hope you can come, enjoy a cup of coffee and participate in some good conversation on hospitality.
Grace and peace,

Peter Coelho