At The Feet Of Jesus

I’m excited to worship with you all this coming Sunday, and I’m especially looking forward to looking at Luke 10:38-42, the story of Mary and Martha, two disciples of Jesus. Mary, in particular, is the focus of this passage as she takes her place at the feet of Jesus, the classic posture of discipleship. In her culture and time this was a surprising and audacious place for a woman to be! It is also where we need to be.

The defining quality of those following Jesus is to be at His feet, listening to His word, and feasting on all that He has for us. As the church, if we are to love our neighbors as the Good Samaritan did we first need to be at the feet of Jesus. To participate with God we need to listen for His voice and be attentive to all that He would have for us. This is the first and primary task of discipleship. In the midst of busy lives, in the midst of tragedy and the brokenness of the world, the first task is to find our way back to Jesus. Let’s do this together on Sunday.

In Christ,

Peter Coelho