Hospitality and the Public Square

It was rich to be with you in worship this past Sunday! I so enjoyed getting to look at the story of Mary and Martha together. Did you know that the Feast Day in the church calendar, celebrating the example of both Mary and Martha, is coming up on July 29th? To mark this day and their example, let’s find our own ways to both “be at the feet of Jesus” and also to engage in active service and hospitality.
As we continue a focus on hospitality this summer, there are two things I want to highlight for you. Tonight at 7 p.m. Dr. Steve Dilley will be leading us in conversation on what it means to be a faithful and hospitable presence in a pluralistic context. Broadly put, the question could be, “How can I believe the Nicene Creed and be hospitable among multiple worldviews?” Having talked with Steve about what he’ll share, I’m excited for how he will guide us in wisdom tonight.
Also, on Sunday, our own Dr. Bethany Hebbard will be facilitating a final discussion on the book Making Room. Even if you haven’t had a chance to participate in the discussion before, feel free to join us. Bethany has prepped in such a way that if you haven’t participated or even read the whole book you’ll be able to engage.  Details for the both tonight and the discussion on Sundayare below.
Finally, in these summer weeks I wanted to encourage y’all to connect with one other at COTC! Over these weeks, a number of new people have attended worship and are find their place in our community (last week we had our largest Newcomers’ Dessert yet!) There are new faces when we gather on Sunday morning; reach out and introduce yourself, invite someone out to lunch. We can practice a form of hospitality among ourselves so easily. As we follow Jesus we have the privilege of doing so together, and joyfully growing as friends along the way.
In Christ,
Peter +

Peter Coelho