The Garden

This Sunday, our children’s ministry will kick back into gear. As was mentioned last week, the format of the ministry will look a little different this coming season.
First, the ministry has been named “The Garden," an apt image for the fruit we long to see as our children grow in the knowledge of God and His Gospel. This is our goal, more than anything else! Through the “Sparkhouse Whirl” (Great name!) curriculum we are currently using, and the work of teachers and volunteers, our hope is that the children at COTC will continue to grow in their love and service to the Lord.  
Beginning this Sunday, childcare will be available from 9:45 a.m. for children ages 0-5. These children will be divided into two groups: Seeds (0-2), and Seedlings (3-5). 
Children five years old and above are invited to follow the cross out to their classes: Sprouts (Kindergarten-3rd grade), and Roots (4th-6th grade). These classes will involve age-appropriate teaching that points our kids to Jesus in worship. We need volunteers for the 4th-6th graders especially, see announcements below!
Everyone will still join us for the Eucharist; this is the meal that we share in together as the family of God. Also, please know the children of all ages are welcome at all times in the worship service. These offerings are meant to be a blessing to parents and children, not as an obligation. We’ve been blessed with many children at COTC (with more on the way!), and they are an integral part of our life and identity as a church.
I’m excited for the opportunity we have in investing in the discipleship of our children. I’m thankful for the faithful and good work that Mike Field, Macey Garwood, Blake Matthews, and Blair Porter, along with many of you who volunteer, have put into this endeavor. May “The Garden” grow.

In Christ,

Peter Coelho