Havens of Blessing and Peace

Hi Friends,

One of our values is the celebration of God’s goodness. We weekly celebrate the work of God in Christ through the Eucharist. We also have the opportunity to celebrate together God’s goodness through life’s major milestones and transitions: births, graduations, new jobs and even death. One of those major milestones is marriage.

Tomorrow Rusty Funderburk and Sarah Sigler, two members of the COTC community, will step into new callings together as husband and wife. This is the first wedding for us as a new church plant and it is a joy and honor for us to celebrate God’s goodness with Rusty and Sarah.

Each week we pray for married couples celebrating their anniversary, that their “homes would be a haven of blessing and peace.” Our longing is that our individual households, whether we are single or married, would be outposts of the Kingdom of God, sanctuaries of God’s presence, peace and hospitality. Join me in praying for Rusty and Sarah as they transition to engaging in this way of life, the way of the cross, together. You can greet them once they are back with us after their honeymoon.

In Christ,

P.S. Our movie night at Community First! Village is coming up! Be sure to invite any friends or neighbors who might be interested. See below for a more detailed announcement about the night.

P.P.S. If you’re interested in having your home consecrated and blessed to be a haven of blessing and peace, email me about a house blessing!

Peter Coelho