An Amazing Treasure


The Book of Common Prayer (BCP) is integral to our worship at COTC and is central to the Anglican church’s identity. Originally composed in 1549, the book has had a global and profound influence, shaping language and guiding millions in devotion to Jesus.

Each week as we celebrate together, we are guided and shaped by the richness of this book. However, there is more to the BCP than what we experience each Sunday. Beyond a form for corporate worship, the BCP also provides guidance for the marking of our times and days, as individuals and as families, before the Lord, in the presence of Christ. Births, adoptions, baptisms, confirmations, marriages and illnesses, deaths and burials are all included, and the BCP guides the church in who to pray and stand in these situations in the life of God. It is an amazing treasure.

This Sunday, I’m excited for the chance we have to look more closely at this treasure. Following the service, we will have the opportunity to dive a little deeper into its resources, its history, and how it might be used to bless us in the marking of our days in the presence of Christ today. Be sure to sign up by the end of Jan. 19; childcare and lunch are provided!

Grace and peace,


Peter Coelho