Our Diocese

“I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” John 10:10 

I’m writing this to you from the annual clergy conference of our diocese, Churches for the Sake of Others (C4SO). For many of us who are new to Anglicanism, the concept of a diocese is also new. The diocese is simply our family of churches within the larger Anglican Church of North America. With C4SO churches spread across the country, these conferences are an opportunity to for priests and deacons from throughout our diocese to gather for relationship-building, training, prayer, and worship.

I was reminded again this week of how grateful I am that COTC is in this diocese. There is such passionate and faithful creativity on display in so many different ways as churches and people seek to participate in God’s renewal of all things. This quality has been evident in the teaching we’ve received from Bishop Todd Hunter and others, the devotional designs of Modern Liturgic, The Lamb Institute’s work with at-risk children in Honduras, and efforts by Restoration Anglican to support and bless Syrian refugees in the Dallas area. So many in our diocese are working in so many compelling ways to make the glory of Jesus known.

The primary theme of our time together has been Jesus’ promise of abundant life. This promise gives us all the security and the resources we need to then extend ourselves in service to others. As we are filled with the fullness of God through Jesus, the abundant life and blessing we receive pours over into the lives of others. I was grateful to be reminded of this truth again and to experience it in our joyful times together in prayer and worship. I long for us to lay hold of this vision more fully in our life and for the sake of North Austin. I love our diocese!

In Christ,

Peter Coelho