Babies, Bread and Wine

One of the joys at COTC over the past year has been welcoming so many different newborns. If my count is correct we’ve welcomed eight babies into the world over this past year, with three more on the way. Just in the past few weeks Diana and Chris Cook and Katie and Tyler Richards both welcomed newborns. What a joy and privilege for us as community to celebrate these children as precious gifts of God alongside their families!

One of the ways we celebrate with new parents is by bringing the element of theEucharist to them. The same bread and wine we share on a Sunday morning is brought to the family. Even when these families can’t make it on a Sunday morning they continue to share in the community's primary meal. Through the bread and wine we have a physical sign of us being one body. As a priest one of my favorite privileges is being able to be a part of this expression of the unity we share in Christ. 

This is not simply something available to the parents of newborns, but is also available to others who are hospitalized or otherwise unable to make it to corporate worship for a time. Please know that this service is available for you, and don’t hesitate to let me know if you need it. In Christ, by the power of the Holy Spirit, we share a unity that transcends physical separation, and concrete symbols of bread and wine help us to mark and celebrate this reality. In Christ, we are never alone. 

Another way we are able to support the families of newborns is through our “Care Calendar”, providing meals for the first weeks as parents adjust. If you’re interested in helping with the needs of the Cooks or Richards or, in the future, if you have a need for calendar help, please don’t hesitate to let me or Keri know.

Finally, be sure to join us this Sunday for our next “Lunch and Learn” as talk about the church calendar and it is a useful tool in shaping our lives and our time in accordance with the Gospel. See below for details and to sign up for lunch or childcare. 

In Christ,


Peter Coelho