Kyrie Eleison

This week tragedy was in the news again. The killing of Jordan Edwards in Dallas, and Harrison Brown on the campus of the University of Texas, have left many of us shaken and dismayed. The deaths of this teenagers are a stark reminder that even as we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus and God’s victory over death and evil in the world, these realities remain at work in the world. There is joy and we have an incredible and unfading hope, but the world is broken.

In response to these tragedies there will be discussions of security and justice, police discrimination and mental health policy, these discussions are important and Christians can and must engage with them, as we seek God’s kingdom here on earth. Yet, as the church our first response to the brokenness of the world is a cry to the God of all creation, an appeal to the mercy of our loving Father. Our response to the brokenness of this world begins with a call to God, who is healing this broken world, to come close and for His reign to come more quickly, bringing justice and peace. We cry out in dependence upon and longing for God’s loving kindness. We cry out on behalf of those who have died, who are mourning, and those who are responsible. We cry out of our own confusion and sorrow, trusting that the God who has raised Jesus from the dead, is wholly committed to the restoration of our lives and this world.

In the midst of this sad week, and the mourning and struggles of this life, our consistent call, our defining posture is “Kyrie Eleison” – “Lord, have mercy.” May these words be on our lips and the knowledge of God as always merciful be a comfort to our hearts.

Calling for mercy with you,

Peter +

Peter Coelho