A Few Hopes and One Resolution

The life of God for the good of the world

When people ask me about COTC and give that difficult-to-answer question “How is the church doing?” I often reach for an organic metaphor. I point to the difference between a sprout and a sapling and say that where once we were a sprout, newly planted and incredibly fresh and fragile we’re now a sapling, a little more rooted and established, but still becoming what we will be, where any growth is exciting to see, and where things still feel fragile from time to time.

I’m grateful to God for the growth in our community in these past months. Through the Fall it has been a joy to see guests be woven into our life together and find healing and rest in Christ in our worship and community. It has been a delight see our bonds to one another thicken through regular worship, gatherings in groups, and special occasions like the Parish Retreat. As I think about the calendar year of 2018, I am eager for and anticipating more. 

For those who are still new and/or on the periphery I am hopeful for the ways God might bring you more fully into our shared life and for the ways that your gifts and abilities might contribute to what God is doing among us. For all of us, I’m excited for the ways that God might deepen our roots in His Word and in the life of His Spirit. I am eager for us to grow as a people who share in “the life of God” through Christ, who are focused on glorifying Jesus and apprenticing ourselves to Him. I long for us to be a community where the question “Where do see Jesus moving in your life?” is easily asked and joyfully answered. I am excited already for some of the exciting opportunities for formation in this life scheduled for the months ahead; two such examples are the women’s retreat next weekend (sign up here), and the men’s retreat scheduled for later in the spring. 

I also dream of COTC’s life extending out, like the branches of a young tree, in generosity and hospitality to the community beyond. I’m excited for the ways we might be able to proclaim together the Gospel in word and deed in the coming year. There are some exciting opportunities for us to bless others through The Parish House, and in our service and giving. One opportunity to participate in this way is through tutoring at the Montecito Apartment Complex in Coronado Hills, if you're interested shoot me an email

These are a few of my hopes and dreams for the year to come. What might your hopes and dreams for God’s kingdom to come in and through COTC be? 

In addition to these hopes and dreams there is one minor resolution I and our staff are making for this new year. We are recommitting ourselves to starting worship on Sundays at 10 am! Over the past months you may have noticed that our start times have been “flexible” as folks have arrived and we’ve mingled in community. These times of conversation and community before the service have been a delight. However, as we think about being hospitable to guests and intentional with our time we are resolved to begin our worship at 10 am. So, if you’ve adjusted your scheduled to include some buffer time, please be advised!

Thank you for being a part of what God is doing at COTC. At the start of this New Year I am grateful to God to be able to serve in this community and honored to be your rector.

Anticipating God’s goodness in the year to come, 


Peter CoelhoComment