Remember You Are Dust


Today is the beginning of Lent. Tonight our Ash Wednesday service will be at 7pm at the Phillips Event Center with our brothers and sisters at Christ Church of Austin. Please join us for this time of worship! We still do have room in childcare, so even if you have not yet registered a 0-5 aged child, you should be able to register this evening. Considering the number of people attending, please plan to arrive early for the service if possible. We are expecting the PEC parking lot will be full and some of us will need to park on the street. 

At the start of this season I also wanted to highlight some resources you might consider engaging with. The Anglican Church of North America has produced this website as a resource. It is remarkable! Additionally, from our diocese, Kurt Hein, the rector at Light of Christ Anglican in Georgetown, has produced this resource based upon the historic Anglican homilies. These homilies were originally preached in Anglican churches throughout the 16th and 17th centuries. Last year, a priest from our diocese, David Taylor, wrote this article for Christianity Today about both his love for and dread of this season. 

Lastly, also from our diocese, Danny Bryant at St. Mary’s of Bethany in Nashville had these instructions for engaging this season, gleaned from his own experiences. I found them to be a practical help and a life-giving encouragement. 

Be Intentional About Your Fast or Discipline

Is there an area of your life where you would like to experience more healing? Consider picking a fast or adopting a discipline that creates space for healing in that area. I’ve heard of people giving up sarcasm or cynicism as well as others who read a poem a day to increase space for God’s beauty and joy. 

Sundays as Mini-Easters

The forty days of Lent do not include Sundays. These are not “cheat days” but days to remember the resurrection of Christ as the beginning of all things being made new. Enjoy a break from your fast as a glimpse into the coming kingdom. 

Remember the Community

One of the gifts of a worldwide season of fasting is that you don’t have to fast alone. Others in the our local community as well as Christians from around the world will be participating in this season together. *We will have corporate activities at COTC in the form of Sunday evening Compline at the Parish House, a Parish Quiet Day, and a Lenten concert. See below for more details.*

Graceful Attentiveness  

What if you break your fast or neglect a discipline? Don’t miss out on the grace that comes into those moments. Invite the Holy Spirit into those places where your weakness seems greater than your strength. This season is about paying attention to our actual desires so they can heal, not pretending we are always healthy. 

Consider Directed Prayer

Throughout this season I will set more time aside to be available to pray with you. Consider making a meeting time in the office to pray together. *Danny wrote this, but it goes for me too, I’d love to pray together with you!*

My prayer for each of us during this season is that we will experience the beauty, joy, and freedom of Christ as we participate in the observance of Lent.” 

See you tonight! 


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