Ascension & Ordination


Dear Church, 

Yesterday was Ascension Day in the church calendar! This day marks and celebrates Jesus' ascension in bodily form to the right hand of God the Father. It is a moment described in the Gospels and much celebrated in the church's art. 

The mystery and wonder of the Ascension is rooted in the reality that Jesus ascends to the throne of the universe as a human being. After the resurrection and even now, Jesus, the second person of the trinity, rules in human form. It is a human person who is enjoying perfect communion and love with the Father and the Holy Spirit. We glory in the reality that Jesus the Nazarene now reigns and rules. 

This reality gives us such high hope, as well as high dignity and high calling. We are called to follow Jesus and to share in what he knows and experiences. Our bodies were made for such glory! This is our goal and our focus. I hope you can join us this Sunday as Father Erik Willits will preach on these truths. 

Please see below for announcements regarding the upcoming weeks at COTC. I specifically wanted to point out and invite you to come on Saturday, May 26th to Paul Van Allen's ordination service! This is a big deal! Paul has been a member at COTC since our very beginning, and was a faithful staff member this past year. I know that many of you have been blessed by his presence and ministry. Paul is a gifted brother and has discerned, with the support of our church and diocese, a call to ordained ministry as a deacon. I'll have more to say about the work of deacons in the coming e-news, but for now I wanted to get this joyous service on your radar. See below for details. I so hope that you can join us for this time of worship and commissioning! 

In Christ,


Peter CoelhoComment