Church Miscellany!

Hi Church! 

This week’s e-news is a collection of a few community updates and even some resources that might be of use and interest to you. 

This past Sunday our treasurer, John Porter, gave an update regarding our giving toward the purchase of the property at 5701 Cameron Road, and it was exciting! Thanks to God’s grace and your generosity, John announced that we have raised $130,000, with more pledged over the coming year and years. This is truly remarkable, and puts us in a good position moving forward. Thank you for your willingness to pray, to listen to the Lord, and to give. Please continue in prayer as we continue to move toward getting the property under contract and entering the feasibility period. The Parish Council anticipates updating our community in the coming weeks as we get inspection reports and the like back. Again, thank you, and praise be to God! If you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to email

This Sunday we have Dr. Bob Woodberry giving a Lunch and Learn on Christian mission and its impact from a sociological perspective. Bob is a world expert in this work and we’re privileged to have him. Please sign up below as soon as possible. 

Also, this Sunday we’ll have a number of calendars from Modern Liturgic. These are wonderful and beautiful tools for keeping time in our households with the church calendar. The cost is $32 for a calendar and we have a limited supply available, but they can also be bought online. 

I know many of y’all are familiar with “The Bible Project”, and they have a new Bible reading app called “Read Scripture” that guides you through the story of Scripture with specific readings and videos. You can download the app to your phone easily. The start of the year is often a time when people seek to engage the Bible in a systematic way and this resource is engaging, creative, and a help to seeing the grand story of God’s work of redemption. 

Lastly, Dr. Esau Mccaulley, the head of the Anglican Multi-ethnic Network, recently published this piece in Christianity Today on faithfully enduring seemingly hopeless social and political  circumstances and systems, using Simeon and Anna as examples. It’s a powerful and accessible piece, challenging to us all, and I encourage you check it out. 

There are a number of other events coming up with details below. Men, join us for the night at the Parish House next week! Join us for our birthday potluck on the 27th, invite a friend! Check out Alpha and the Perspectives Course! 

Grateful for you, 


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