Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Beyond


During significant moments in life, accidents, life/death situations, births, weddings, people often comment that time slows down. Things shift in slow motion. Specific details become vivid and distinct.

Beginning this Sunday, in the church calendar, time slows down. Through the season of Lent the church recounts and journeys with Jesus on his journey to the cross. In this final week, beginning with Palm Sunday, we begin to follow almost in real time, moving through the week that includes the Last Supper, Good Friday, Holy Saturday and Resurrection Sunday. It’s difficult to imagine events of greater significance, so it’s appropriate that time slows down. 

What took place in Jesus’ death upon the cross and his resurrection to new and indestructible life is a matter of immense cosmic significance. That’s actually an understatement, but you get the idea. It’s also, of course, a matter of incredible personal significance. The cross and resurrection, Jesus’ humility and victory, are a summons to each of us. A summons to a different pattern of life. A call to the way of the cross. An invitation to recognize Jesus as Lord. 

This Holy Week, beginning on Palm Sunday, we keep time with Christ. We walk in step with him. With time slowed down this is a particularly evocative experience, the shouts and acclamation of Palm Sunday, the humility of Maundy Thursday, the solemnity and reflection of Good Friday, the silence of Holy Saturday, and the joy of triumph on Easter Sunday. It’s also a fresh invitation for ourselves and for others (invite friends and neighbors to join us!) to keep in step at all times, to live in light of these significant events every week. Will we heed the call? 

A couple of quick notes about this week:

  • In addition to Palm Sunday at 10am, at 5pm Christ Church is hosting a worship service to commemorate the anniversary of Christine Warner's accident and to celebrate all that God has done. There will be opportunities for healing prayer as well. All are invited! 

  • Beginning on Monday we’ll be sending out short email reflections for Holy Week. I hope you can follow along with us and I hope these bless you! 

  • Maundy Thursday we have a joint service with Christ Church at 6:30pm (previous communication incorrectly had the start time at 7pm) at 112 Medina Street. This is a service of reflective worship, readings and prayer, simple food and hospitality, and the stripping of the altar in silence. Perfect for entering into the high drama of the weekend. Childcare is available for children ages 0 to 5. 

  • Good Friday we will be gathering in homes, for shared meals and a service of prayer and reflection. Please sign up here ASAP. 

  • On Saturday we have no services planned but I’d encourage you to be still and silent alone or together with others on this “middle day” of Holy Saturday when God himself lay in the grave. That bears remembering and prepares us for the joy of Sunday.

  • Easter Sunday next week is the crescendo! Gather with us for worship, three baptisms, and the flowering of the cross. Bring flowers to contribute and come early to grab a seat! Invite a friend! 

In Christ,


Ps. One of the practices of Lent is generously giving to those who have need. At COTC we are blessed to have some brothers with a specific need. See here to learn more and to contribute if you're able, we'd love to be able to give this gift by Easter Sunday as a sign of resurrection life! 

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