Spy Wednesday

In some Christian traditions today is known as "Spy Wednesday" or "Good Wednesday." The spy name arises from the way the conspiracy around Jesus, to kill him, builds on this day. Specifically, Matthew 26:14-16 depicts Judas, the "spy", as agreeing to betray Jesus for thirty pieces of silver. 

The amount of thirty pieces of silver links back to the Old Testament figures of Jeremiah and Zechariah, both of whom were servants to Israel rejected and opposed by the people they came to serve. Jesus' own betrayal fits this pattern. He loves and serves and is betrayed. 

This day and Judas' example offer a clear opportunity for us to consider our own hearts toward Jesus, and the ways we might compromise or betray the cause of Christ. Beyond that however, today, is also a reminder of God's grace and power. Even Judas' failure and betrayal become a part of the story of God's redemption and a testimony to Jesus continued commitment to his mission. During Holy Week all the disciples fail and yet God's plan for redemption continues.  God's victory in Christ is not contingent upon human faithfulness and success. 

God's sure victory need not result in a fatalism about our actions. Judas clearly choose poorly. Rather, there is the deep comfort that the outcome is certain because of what Jesus accomplishes. There is freedom to choose well and to participate in God's good work in freedom and rest. A good Wednesday indeed. 

In Christ, 


Peter CoelhoComment