Made Beautiful and Renewed

“When you send out your breath life is created, and the face of the earth is made beautiful and is renewed.” Psalm 104:30

Today was the final day of our A Rocha Creation Care Camp! It was a wonderful, sweaty week of crafts, butterflies, petting zoo, compost worms, and more! A huge thank you is due to Stephani Del Rio and Luci Bates for their leadership in pulling this week together, and to the numerous volunteers who served as well. Over thirty children from COTC and from the community beyond participated for all or a portion of the week. 


Psalm 104:30 was the theme verse for this week. It was memorized by the kids and helped frame our engagement with God’s creation. This verse invites us to view all things in terms of God's creative work in the past and his redemptive work in the future. He has made all things and is renewing all things! As we continue to live “after Pentecost” we are reminded that God’s Spirit, that hovered over the waters in the beginning, still now works to bring order, life, and beauty out of the chaotic brokenness of our lives. This reality animates our life as a church from worship on Sundays, gathering in groups for study and prayer, to the working at Harris ES or Hope Clinic.

Please join me in praying that our children, those who attended this week and those who did not, and we ourselves would see our own lives as caught up in this beautiful work of God. May this be the lens through which we see our vocations, time, and relationships, and may the breath of God be sent out in our lives and through us to others! 

In Christ,

Peter +

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