Of Pentecost and Pods


Darrell Johnson, the preacher and pastor who has influenced me more than any other, has often said s "in order for the the church to live into the fullness of her calling she must learn to recognize and appreciate the reality of Pentecost as much as she does Christmas and Easter." As the church we are a people of the incarnation and resurrection of Christ, and we are a people of the Spirit, there is no other option. To be the church is to be a community filled with the Spirit of the living God. 

This Sunday is Pentecost. Fifty days after Easter the church celebrates that God has come not just near, but in and among the followers of Jesus, in and among the church. The same power at work in the creation of the universe, the same power that raised Jesus from the dead, is at work in you and me. The very fullness of God's presence. Wonder of wonders! 

The effects of the Spirit's presence in and among us are manifold. God's creative Spirit does a lot. Nick will be unpacking some of the Spirit's work in us this Sunday in the sermon on Romans 8. Just one of the effects of the Spirit is that he makes us one people. What is described in Acts chapter 2 is the fulfillment of God's promise to pour himself out on all who call upon His name. Without distinction God draws near to His people.  

In our own humble way it is this reality that we celebrate with our Pentecost potluck. The parameters are simple, COTC provides drinks and brisket, and you bring a dish that represents your roots in some way. Over the years we've had dishes from around the world as a joyous expression of how the Spirit has been poured out on all peoples. Also, you can participate by wearing red, as a sign of the fire of the Spirit. Lastly, as we celebrate this day would you pray with me for the Spirit's movement in and among us at COTC in fresh and fuller way? 

Peter CoelhoComment