The A Word


What does it mean to follow Jesus as an Anglican? Why do we worship in the way that we do? What is an “Anglican” church anyway? 

I sometimes joke that most people at COTC have been Anglican for about half an hour. As the years go by and many of us grow in familiarity that’s less and less true, but many of us are finding our way in the Anglican way of doing things. That newness means the questions above and even more specific ones are pretty standard.

This Sunday there are a couple of opportunities to gain some clarity around these questions. Following worship Father Nick will be teaching the first of three classes in a course exploring Anglican worship, spirituality, and history. If you’re interested in diving a little deeper into the richness of the church then these next three Sunday classes present a wonderful opportunity. Email Nick if you're interested in participating.

Also, during worship we’ll be pausing at different points in our service to explore and explain why it is that we do what we do in worship. The intention is that this tour of our liturgy will “connect the dots” and give us all a greater sense of how the liturgy guides us through the Gospel and can shape us in glorifying the Triune God. Whether or not you’ve been through a liturgy tour this exercise can help in gaining a fuller appreciation of the way our worship together points us to Christ and guides us in His way. 

Regularly at membership classes and in conversation I make the comment that our goal as a community is not to "make Anglicans” but to foster discipleship to Christ. What animates COTC is not the goal of building a particular tribe but the vision of announcing, embodying and demonstrating the life-giving, restorative, and transformative reign of Jesus. However, the beauty and wonder of the way of Jesus and His reign are powerfully embodied in the Anglican way. This ancient and global tradition and way are a great gift as we seek to follow Jesus faithfully in the 21st century. My hope is that the opportunities this Sunday and in the weeks to come will help connect us more deeply to this way of following and worshipping the risen Lord. 

With you on the way,

Peter CoelhoComment