Some Staff Changes at COTC

Hi Church! 

One of the beautiful things about the local church is that it is so much the combination of efforts from so many different people. Whether it is the imagery of the church as the body of Christ or as the household of God, it is clear that the church’s life is a corporate endeavor. Our life at COTC is made possible by the various and essential efforts of laity and clergy, volunteers and staff, working together under God. 

As the summer season comes to a close there are a few staff transitions taking place in the life of our community. Keri McDonald, who has served so ably these past years as our Financial Administrator, transitioned out of this role at the end of July. Keri runs a business that provides consulting and support to non-profits and that business is growing, requiring more of her time and attention. Behind the scenes Keri has served so very faithfully these past years, I will miss working regularly with Keri but am grateful that she’ll be continuing to provide support to John Porter, our treasurer, in a few key volunteer ways. Father Nick will be taking on some of the financial admin roles in the mean time as well. 

Also, at the end of the summer Katy Schreur, who has served to direct and organize our life at COTC these past years, will also be transitioning out of her role as she and Jan welcome their second child. Katy has served as administrator of our life together on two separate occasions and has served our community with skill, an amazing attention to detail, and with a real heart for the ministry of the church. I will miss working with Katy, but am excited for the Schreurs as they make the transition to being a family of four! 

Regarding Katy’s responsibilities, I’m delighted that Luci Bates, who has served as The Garden Coordinator, has agreed to transition to the role of Ministry Coordinator. This role has a broader range of responsibilities and will encompass much of Katy’s role in terms of event coordination and communication. In serving in this way Luci will be working closely with Father Nick who will be taking on some of the overall responsibility for the administration of our life together. Luci has a heart for our community, knows us well, and has great experience and gifts when it comes to communication and administration. She’s already begun in some ways in this role and will be working alongside Katy over the coming weeks as Katy transitions out. 

Early in August we’ll have a chance to thank Keri and Katy for their faithful service during our worship. We’ll pray for and bless them as they transition into these new seasons of life and service to God. In the mean time you can thank them as you see them on Sundays. Also, in the mean time please pray for Luci and Father Nick as they take on their new responsibilities, that they would know God’s favor, and for our church as we continue to look to hire a new Director of Children’s Formation. 

In Christ,


Ps. With so much attention around the border again I know that many of us are wondering about ways we might practically engage in the name of Christ. The Anglican Immigrant Initiative has some suggestions.

Also, closer to home, through some Christians here in Austin who serve among refugees, COTC has been connected with an Afghan family with some profound needs. This family, consisting of a widowed mother and three children, moved to the United States a few months ago. We are looking at ways that we can support and bless them in name of Jesus in the months ahead, but also have the opportunity to help them in some basic and practical ways.

They have specific needs for clothing, bedding, and supplies for their baby girl. If you would like to help you can sign up to bring specific items here, and there will be a collection box/table during worship over the new couple of weeks. Thanks for any help you can provide! 

Peter CoelhoComment